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20NINE The Business Super app

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20NINE The Business Super app

This is the complete Super App for micro & small businesses that’s easy to use and get started with.

20NINE’s super app has all you need for customer relations, marketing, recruitment and more. Easily build your ideal platform with tailored modules designed to fit your needs.

- Gives you quick access to the latest status and business information no matter where you are, via either your mobile or computer
- Collects information about relationships, and processes and removes problems with the information that is spread across various tools and programs
- Easily connects to common tools such as Office365, Google, LinkedIn, Teams, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Fortnox, Mailchimp, and let 20NINE collect information automatically
- Comes with built-in E-signing & the ability to create your own document templates
- Logs your calls from your mobile and Teams