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12X12 10x10 8x8 6x6 4x4 (different number of new tiles)
It's more than 2048, so just call it 2048+#
"+" means not only 4X4 , it means more;
"#" means not only one new tile , it means more;
so just call it 2048+#

You can store your data with iCloud! Sync with iPad and iPhone also Apple TV!
Apple watch version is also available!

Now the highest score of the game is over 15.x billion points !! Thanks for this long-time player!
You can select more tiles to play , and get higher score!

WARNING:iCloud only stores ONE record.
We only stores ten steps for undo in the game!
4X4 ->1 new tile
6X6 ->2 new tiles
8X8 ->3 new tiles
10X10 ->3 new tile
12X12 ->3 new tiles

Email support: [email protected]
志荣 杨