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2048 Youth

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2048 Youth

Classic 2048 with 3 new modes!
The most classic 2048, with 3 kinds of interesting modes!

[classic mode] added three props available for use, 2048? No There is no limit to your limit!
Bomb: direct elimination of a matter of bricks
Exchange: choose the location of the exchange of two bricks
Doubling: direct target square value doubled!

[crazy mode] bricks on time, no more time to consider! Follow your instincts.
Ultra stimulating, simply can not stop.
Fast high challenge
Every game will get gold reward oh!

[props mode] add four props in the board, only 60 steps. Rational allocation and application strategy
Rock: fixed bricks, unable to be synthesized with other bricks
Bomb: the synthesis will eliminate the target bricks
* /: synthesis and calculation of target bricks and
The most creative, the most fun of 2048, waiting for you to challenge!
yang chao