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Our ad-free application will notify Muslims when to pray. It is offering a preset and calculated timing based on your city selection with various settings for adjustment in a very beautiful and not least user-friendly interface, into which we put a lot of rethinking.

Other features available to you within our app, wrapped in an elegant and intuitive interface:
- Qibla Locator with beautiful Kaaba panorama. Make sure you are not using it next to other devices generating extensive electromagnetic waves as they can corrupt the compass reading.
- Alarms for Fajr and Tahajjud with calculation of 3rd period of the night.
- Daily Hadiths with option to bookmark and categorize.
- Salawat and Duhaa reminders.
- Favorite cities to check the prayer times in other cities at a glance. You can modify this list. When you travel to one of cities listed as favorite, the app will apply its prayer timetable when you arrive there.
- Animated Tasbih. Features interval adjustment from 10 to 100 right from the front-end. Just press and hold the central bead for the additional interface. The different sounds and vibrations will give you necessary control for comfortable and precise dhikr while you are not looking at the screen.
- Islamic calendar with alert for holidays and days of note. Hijra date in our app switches according to Islamic rule - after Maghrib and not after midnight as widely accepted in Gregorian calendars.
- Apple Watch App with complications
- Widgets
- Islamic Midnight time
- Reading Quran
- Finding nearby Mosques
- Gorgeous Themes to refresh the look of the entire app.

and more... and counting…

If your observation shows that the app is giving you wrong prayer times, try adjusting your settings. You can also fine-tune the timing by pressing and holding time column under "Show all" screen.

We are doing our best to give you the best, so tell us what you think. Your feedback is very important to us! Whether you'd like to compliment or provide feedback about a disappointment, your comments are welcome. Please note, while we appreciate all feedback, we may be unable to respond to every submission.

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