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Wall Pilates Lazy Girl Workout

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Wall Pilates Lazy Girl Workout

Wall Pilates and Lazy Workout in bed are perfect for beginners and can be easily done in bed without any equipment. Exercise with this special home workout. Lazy workout is like watching a series, but you get super fit while doing it. Get a perfect body at home while lying down.

LazyGirl is the first Lazy Workout App where you can swap exercises. Just swipe left, and you'll see other exercises tailored to your home workout and settings. You can adjust exercise and rest times, track calorie burn, activity, and achievements. From over 400 exercises, you can create your own Wall Pilates and Lazy Workout in bed. Start our challenges and programs for a better me today.

We offer workout challenges, programs, and plans for various goals: whether you want to train your butt, your abs, your legs, your back, your arms, shoulders or your chest muscles. There are 7-28 day challenges - with Wall Pilates, Bed Workout, Pilates Workout with cushions, and many more.

Whether you want to train your problem or stubborn areas, lose weight, or build muscle - Lazy Workout provides you with personalized Bed Workouts and Wall Pilates and individual plans that you can adjust anytime - for your personal success and a training and fitness routine that keeps you permanently slim and fit. Experience visible real results in no time - just get fit!

By the way, workout in bed has a significant advantage for you and me: we will also train the small stabilizing muscles. That means we get a bigger training effect with less effort - so we become lazy fit. Isn't that great? Start now - your better me is waiting for you.

You will get access to a wide variety of features:

- Home Workout without equipment
- 400+ exercised you can swap anytime
- Change exercise and break times
- Create your own wall pilates and bed workout with your favorite exercises
- Whatever your goal is, we have the bed and wall workout for you: for butt, for legs, for abs, for your back, for your shoulders, your arms and your chest
- Huge variety of focus workouts: weight loss, strength building, toning, evolve your fitness level, build muscles
- Become a better me with weight loss challenges
- AI-generated, comprehensive programs
- Track calories, activity and progress

Advantages of Lazy Workout:

- Get full-body workouts without leaving the bed, at home
- Bed Workout and Wall Pilates - easy to do, yet highly effective
- Customized workouts - swap exercises in your workouts anytime
- Get unlimited access to your personal plans
- Focus workouts tailored to your needs, your fitness level and your goal: flat belly, trained butt, toned arms, slim legs, fully trained body
- Professional fitness tips
- Live healthier
- Reduces BMI
- Sustainable success
- Stay slim permanently
- Learn easy fitness patterns for everyday life

We'll give you two free home workouts so you can try our Lazy Workouts for free.

You get full access to all functions with a subscription within the LazyGirl app. We offer different subscriptions so you can find just the right one. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your iTunes account.

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