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Everything in life is either KRONsense or NONsense.

Your heart knows whether something is wasting your time (i.e., NONsense) or adding to your life positively (i.e., KRONsense), and your heart lets you know through the emotions you feel. Practicing emotional awareness is an important life skill.

If you find yourself resonating with the above, and you also gravitate toward visualizing information and appreciate elegant design, this is the App for you.

How can I conceptualize the OSO+ App?
Think of your OSO+ App as your emotional GPS.

Why should I use the OSO+ App? In other words, what are the potential benefits?
Emotional awareness has gained significant importance in our culture. OSO+ App offers you a super quick and easy way to record how you feel whether you are angry, sad, relaxed, madly in love, and everywhere in between. Use your OSO+ App to focus on your emotion. Studies from Harvard University and other scientifically highly regarded research have shown that having heightened awareness and understanding of one’s own emotion has strong positive correlation with one’s improved ability to communicate in relationships at home and in the professional work place. As you practice frequently and become more aware of your own emotions overtime, your social and emotional intelligence will improve, which will result in more harmonious and productive outcomes for yourself and for the people around you to achieve personal and team goals.

How about my data privacy?
The OSO+ App is completely private - all your OSOs stay on your iPhone under the protective shield of Apple’s security systems.

Where does the name OSO come from?
Our app and technology is affectionately named OSO, meaning bear in Spanish and pays tribute to Cloudbear - our Great Pyrenees and beloved family member - known for his boundless love and vigilance against predators. Cloudbear's mission to passionately love and protect deeply inspires us. Our Spanish speaking friends and strangers alike call Cloudbear “oso” given his striking resemblance to a polar bear.

What is the technology behind the OSO+ App?
The OSO+ App is powered by the new and proprietary OSO-Pearl technology from the KRONxArc / Nectelier Team.

How does the OSO-Pearl Technology work?
Touch the OSO-Pearl interactive area to record your emotion in 3 dimensions: x, y, and z, for happiness (H), energy (E), and assuredness (A), respectively. For example, if you feel happy, your OSO Mark would be on the right half of the OSO-Pearl because that's the "+" side of the x-axis; if you feel your energy is elevated, your OSO Mark would be on the top half of the OSO-Pearl because that's the "+" side of the y-axis; if you're very sure about how you feel, tap multiple times to mark your OSO to express your certainty - this increases your assuredness which is the z-axis value.

What is the lexicon of the OSO+ App?
When using the OSO+ App, we think of the word 'OSO' as a noun, verb, or an adjective. For example, capturing an emotion with the OSO+ App can be described as creating an OSO. The action of engaging with the App is called OSO-ing. The OSO also refers to the interactive area that resembles a pearl. Your creation, i.e., the OSO-Pearl with the "OSO Mark" that you'll have marked is called your OSO. Imagine thinking or asking "How's your OSO?" as a way to show you care. When a topic or subject (words, phrase, image, etc.) has been OSO'ed by someone, it shows this subject is worthy of being OSO'ed and worthy of the user's time and efforts.

Where can I find App Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Tutorials and more?
We follow the Apple standard Terms of Use:
Check out our website for more as well as links to a number of "How's Your OSO" video tutorials.

How can I reach the OSO+ App team?
User requests and feedbacks are our priority - reach us via [email protected]

Time to start OSO-ing, enjoy!
Nectelier Inc.