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Baby Monitor by Sleep Cycle

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Baby Monitor by Sleep Cycle

Trusted by millions, Sleep Cycle brings you an app dedicated to providing you with the tools and knowledge to improve your child’s sleep.

Baby Monitor by Sleep Cycle is a baby tracker that will help your child fall asleep faster, sleep better, keep regular sleep and wake times, develop a healthy sleep pattern, and relax before bedtime.

With our baby sleep app, you can easily track nap times and night sleep for children aged 0-36 months, and use our smart sleep schedule to identify the next sleep window. The smart schedule adapts to your baby’s specific needs depending on logged sleep and an algorithm based on scientific research.

Your logged sleep windows are presented in your child's personal sleep diary in which you get to understand the overall trends and view progress over time.

To provide you with the knowledge and know-how, Sleep Cycle offers a library full of science-based articles and tools, written by our very own sleep experts, containing everything you need to know to help your little one sleep through the night and develop healthy sleep habits.

Smartly timed notifications will help you and your toddler to keep sleep as regular as possible and remind you when it’s time to wind down before bedtime.

Our Baby Monitor also gives parents/caregivers the possibility to log the sleep together and ease the communication for parents about their child's sleep.

You can easily log sleep with an Apple Watch along with the phone app. You can switch between different children, adjust sleep sessions, and stay on top of your child's sleep schedule with notifications.

√ Family subscription - One subscription for the whole family.
√ Support for multiple caregivers and children.
√ Effortless logging with Apple Watch integration.
√ Built on scientific research and expertise.
√ Privacy-focused approach that only asks for relevant information for your child's sleeping routines.

√ Smart sleep schedule: Our algorithm uses your input on your children's sleep patterns to give you personalized recommendations for the perfect baby sleep schedule. The schedule is adaptive, meaning it adjusts to your child's changing sleep needs as they grow.
√ Log easily with Apple watch.
√ Sleep tracker: Monitor your baby’s sleep each day/night including automatic detection of nightly wake-ups using cry detection sound algorithm.
√ A complete sound library, full of soothing sounds for you and your child. Through Airplay you can also play the soothing sounds on an iPad or other device while being in another room.
√ Bedtime Routine: Transform bedtime into a harmonious and stress-free experience for you and your children. Science tells us that engaging in a bedtime routine for 5 days will make a significant difference.
√ Sleep diary: Easy-to-read insights on your child’s sleep development over time. It helps to detect trends and progress.
√ Sleep conditions: Keep track of conditions impacting your baby’s sleep to learn and improve.
√ Tool library: Articles and tools reviewed by sleep experts for accuracy and helpfulness.

Prof Mike Gradisar, Clinical Psychologist
“After 20+ years researching infant sleep and working face-to-face with families - it’s time to teach your family about how sleep works, and how you can gain more control over it”

Dr Li Åslund, Clinical Psychologist
“From my clinical experience and being a mother of three young children, I understand the struggles of sleep. Sleep Cycle Kids is a great tool to create and maintain healthy sleep habits.”

All features (including sharing) require iOS 16.0 or later
watchOS 9.0 or later
To use automatic nightly wake-up detection:
√ Ability to charge your phone by the bed
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