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Many of today's rowing machines offer a training computer, but these training computers often do not have an interface that can be used by third-party applications.

KiraRowing can be used as an alternative for simple training sequences on the rowing machine.

- Individual training profiles supported
- Training with time limit and progress indicator
- Interval training
- Open training without time limit
- Measuring the rowing strokes using the Apple Watch
- Determine heart rate using Apple Watch or a bluetooth heart-rate sensor
- Personal strokes per minute target
- Animation of the rowing stroke based on the personal stroke per minute
- Energy burned calculation
- Training results are forwarded to the Apple Health application

KiraRowing uses information (age, weight, gender) from the Apple Health app to calculate the energy burned.

KiraRowing can be used without an Apple Watch. In this case, a bluetooth heart-rate sensor is recommended to measuring the heart rate and the strokes counted based on the stroke per minute target.

KiraRowing do not store any personal information within the app.
Alois Lohner