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Fitness in sauna -companion

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Fitness in sauna -companion

Make your sauna bathing more comfortable.
It monitors your heart rate and vibrates to notify you of excess heart rate presets.
Since it is not necessary to manage the bathing time in detail and you can concentrate on the sauna, water bath, and outside air bath, you can expect an improvement in relaxation effect.

【App features】
・ Measure your heart rate every 1 second.
・Displays the heart rate visually.
・Vibrate to notify you when the upper / lower limit of your heart rate (which can be set arbitrarily) is exceeded.
・This application also supports execution in the background.

【 About fitness in sauna】
By repeating the sauna → water bath → outside air bath, “β-endorphin”, “oxytocin” and “serotonin” are secreted due to the warming and cooling effect.
This will give you a feeling of uplifting, well-being and stress relief.

【To do fitness in sauna】
Generally, you take a bath while measuring the bathing time of the sauna → water bath → outside air bath.
However, it is difficult to obtain a relaxing effect with this bathing method for the following reasons.
(1) The appropriate bathing time varies depending on the person / place, such as the temperature in the bathroom and the physical condition of the day.
(2) Too much awareness of bathing time management reduces the relaxing effect.

By using this app, (1) anyone can easily manage the bathing time based on the heart rate.
In addition, (2) it notifies you of the excess of the preset heart rate, so bathing time management is stress-free and you can concentrate on relaxing your mind and body.

【Points to note】
For heart rate, guess the health condition of your health.
ryo munetsugu