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by 阳 孙
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by 阳 孙
Record your exercise, DIY means do it yourself, but it doesn't have this meaning, more will be replaced by other words
At present, sensors can record so many kinds of activities, how can this one be missing?

This APP can record everyone's DIY through mobile phone or watch

Dedicated health management can record your time, frequency, frequency, and also generate an intuitive line graph to display

Heart rate statistics, synchronization to healthkit is under development, come and try it

This app does not collect any information, all functions are based on local, if you are unsure, you can use it off the Internet (only in-app purchases need to be connected to unlock)
The app can be fully functional and free to try for 7 days (after 7 days, only some functions are limited. If the app can help you, I hope you can pay to support it)
阳 孙