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Fatigue Tracker Pro

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Fatigue Tracker Pro

With the help of Fatigue App you can easily mark your current energy and fatigue level straight to Health App with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

While marking your current fatigue level you can choose the cause for your current mood. With the help of Fatigue App you can also examine your daily and weekly fatigue level marks in Health app.

Fatigue App helps you to better balance your life amongst all the aspects that affect your health, such as exercise, sleep and other things affecting your energy. Fatigue App uses sleep and exercise data collected by Apple’s iPhone and Watch combined with its own data about energy levels.

The application has a set timer to help you set reminders to mark your current mood in Fatigue App.

The goal of the application is to help you balance your life and with that hopefully the application will help you manage your current moods even better.

Fatigue app requires in addition to running the Apple´s Health App where all the data is stored.
Mika Nieminen