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Interval Focus Timer

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Interval Focus Timer

Struggling to Focus while watching lectures? Need a silent timer to constantly remind you to stay focused? Download the Focus Interval App! This app allows you to set a recurring timer that silently buzzes you from watch to make sure you stay focused. If you start drifting away, the app will remind you to stay focused on your task. The app uses haptic feedback to silently remind you, without distracting anyone around you. It can also be used as a sports interval timer in public areas like the gym.

Short Attention Span
This app is perfect for people with short attention spans, who easily get distracted and can’t stay focused. This app definitely takes some time to get used too, but once you do, it can save you tons of time in and outside the classroom.

This app is perfect for interval circuit training. Simply set the app to your preferred interval time and receive a little buzz every time it’s time to switch exercises. No exterior noise is produced, which makes it perfect for non-disturbing workouts.
Boris Makhlin