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Crab Campaign

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Crab Campaign

A small band of fishermen get together for a week of fishing and crabbing enjoyment. The crabbing area is a sprawling array of rivers, creeks and hidden inlets, where it can be a challenge to keep track of their pots.

Any GPS enabled Apple Watch with the Crab Campaign application provides the ideal, easy to use functionality for the task. A tailored crabbing specific solution in a waterproof GPS capability strapped firmly to your wrist, secure and convenient.

The core function of Crab Campaign is to keep track of your pots. Having deployed your pots and saved their location, the central screen is a list of pots in the order they were deployed.

From here we select the next pot to either
- navigate to the location with simple steering cues
- check the pot
- pull the pot and move to a new location

Pots already checked are greyed out to show progress.

Pots being moved are highlighted in red. Just tap the red pot button to save the new location.

After you have finished checking your pots on this cycle, just visit the reorder screen (button at the bottom of the list of pots). This will "ungrey" the checked pots ready for the next cycle, and if necessary allow you to reorder the pots (drag and drop) for maximum efficiency.

Additional features and reporting capabilities are described in the support link below.

Enjoy your Crab Campaign.
John Monaghan