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The data provided by this software can not be used as a basis for medical diagnosis or treatment plan adjustment. If necessary, please consult a doctor.

2. CGM and Alarms

TomatoLite App is perfectly compatible with MiaoMiao/MiaoMiao2 Transmitter,supports Libre1/libre1-10days/libre2/libre-pro/H sensors,and also allow your family members to monitor your data through Messenger.

3. Intelligent insights

TomatoLite App will summarize all the data you collected, provide you with a set of charts and graphs, present the data in a variety of ways, and provide insights.

4. SmartWatch Support

TomatoLite App supports people use Apple Watch to See your glucose levels directly on your wrist using a complication, even when you’re offline.

5.Integrates with the Health App to sync BG values
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