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The Bodyology

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The Bodyology

The monthly membership training solution for people who want to improve their health, appearance, and want to feel and function at their very best, forever.

BODY-the whole physical structure of a human OLOGY-a branch of knowledge

Welcome to real online personal training with The Bodyology, the only app you’ll ever need to reach your fitness goals. Training extends past just the physical…it’s a great test of your discipline, commitment to a goal, consistency, resilience and preparation. You start to feel what effect the training has on you both mentally and physically. Besides the obvious health benefits, you also build self-respect, respect of others, pride in your accomplishments, competence through the process and very importantly, confidence and self-esteem.

Not just an app, not just a trainer. My priority is ultimately to teach you how to exercise properly, safely and effectively to your goals. I want you to have the knowledge and confidence to workout without a trainer; and that’s what ultimately separates this app from all the rest.

What you get with The Bodyology app:

-Training plans built for you and only you. No two clients have the same workouts. (Cookie-cutter free zone.)

-Cartoon demonstrations are a thing of the past. Follow and master guided exercises with real human detailed audio and video instructions for each and every movement.

-Unlimited access to your personal trainer. Expert management empowers you with next-level nutrition, movement, recovery, and sleep advice/feedback that is aligned with your fitness goals. We will communicate as much as needed to keep you excited, on track, and consistent! Message me any time, in real time, for form check whenever needed (it’s very important to me!)

-Interactive coaching with workout assignments, in-app messaging, photo/video uploading, and progress metrics. You are learning and practicing new skills – what are the healthy foods and why they are healthy; understanding macronutrients and the ratios in between them; learning what effect foods have on you – in terms of energy, mood, recovery, drive and mental focus.

-We love to see progress. Track all your workout data, body measurements, and progress photos(a key requirement for success in any goal.)

-Mobility incorporated in programming to benefit from corrective-postural work to help keep you injury free and feeling great.

-Integrates seamlessly with your Apple Watch and HealthKit for workouts and activity monitoring, so you can keep an eye on your daily activity at a glance.

-Unlimited flexibility and training that fits any situation. No more cancellation fees, forfeited sessions, or workout times that don’t fit your schedule. This app gives you the freedom to adjust your workout at any time if you’re having a busy day. Train all month long for the price of one week of traditional sessions.

Why it works:

-Individualization: Superior results are achieved by tailoring the workout program to your unique body, experience, environment and goals.
-Balance: Muscles improve when working in concert with the entire muscular system. Overworking or underworking any areas will negatively impact your personal results. Here, you’ll have well-balanced workout routines every session.
-Variation & Challenge: Keep your workouts exciting, strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system, and achieve more than you thought was possible.

Join the community:

Visit for more information and meet, view credentials, and contact the trainer behind the app!
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