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AJourney Privacy First Fitness

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AJourney Privacy First Fitness

AJourney is a free privacy first fitness and journey tracker where only you got access the data.
Explore the neighbourhood, surroundings, woods or the world, and keep a secret journal of all of your journeys. 

What can I use it for:
Use AJourney for walks, runs, bike rides, or my personal favourite: baby strolls. 

Baby strolls:
Take you child and go for a stroll outside, explore a route you have never walked before. Use the map feature to see where you have been and where to begin your next journey.

Privacy first:
Afraid of hidden trackers, cookies and monitoring? Nobody is spying or collecting data in AJourney, the data is all yours, and is only stored on your device. The app will never contain trackers, analytics or ads.

Battery consumption:
The app is designed to not use to aggressive location data to save energy.

See all journeys in the same map:
The app got functionality to display all of your journeys in the same map, so you can see where you have been and plan where you should explore next.

Lean in and enjoy the journey you deserve! :)
Fredrik Lillejordet