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Webasyst Teamwork

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Webasyst Teamwork

Webasyst Teamwork is a robust and easy-to-use task tracking app for teams. Send tasks to your teammates, track progress by projects, control the deadlines, manage your team tasks more productively without wasting time on chit-chats.

Each member on your team has personal Inbox & Outbox filters, so working with tasks is so simple that anyone who ever sent an email can instantly get used to. No personnel training is ever required.

Plan, organize, track your work and tasks — all in one app:
- Task status tracking,
- Task assignments,
- Projects, milestones, deadlines,
- Customizable workflows,
- Prioritize tasks: low, normal, high, urgent, and ON FIRE!
- Flexible per-user access rights setup,
- Kanban view,
- Task commenting & discussions (chat within any task),
- Team activity feed,
- #hashtags,
- Integration with Git,
- And so much more!

Webasyst Teamwork helps you to unite your team and work remotely (WFH). In Webasyst Teamwork task tracker, each employee feels like a part of a single cohesive team. The actual "feeling of fellowship" online. You can host the entire backend in Webasyst Cloud or your own server. The server-side cloud app is available with open source code.

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