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A simple and convenient app for cardio workouts.

The application allows you to set the desired heart rate zone, which allows you to fully focus on training. When creating a workout, you set a heart rate zone, if during a workout the heart rate goes beyond this zone, the applications will generate a haptic vibration and show a corresponding message on the screen.

The default values are calculated based on your age and are 60-80% of your maximum heart rate (MHR = 220 - age), if the app could not read your age from the Health application, then the MHR = 120.

IMPORTANT: Before using the app, consult with your doctor to determine the safe heart rate zone and the possibility of using the application. The application developer is not responsible if any incidents occur during workouts, and the application, in turn, does not call the user to accelerate or perform any other actions during workouts, since its task is to notify the user of going beyond the specified heart rate zone. The application is not absolutely accurate and may contain bugs, use the application only as an auxiliary tool during workouts, and always observe your health state.

The applications saves performed workouts the Health app.
Dovlet Mammedov