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Lullabies for sleep

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Lullabies for sleep

Find relaxing lullabies and bedtime sleep music for children with our lullaby songs app. Listening to sweet lullabies and calming sounds help children relax and fall asleep. Use our app for high-quality baby songs and sounds. The app contains a sleep tracker to measure the kids’ naptime. Give your baby some peaceful deep sleep with our lullabies.

Sleep music and songs
The app contains everything you need to help your baby fall asleep, from the collections of relaxing sounds to calming stories for kids. Maintain a regular bedtime for your children and let them listen to the lullabies to rest well. Much like how good meditation leads to mindfulness, lullaby music is soothing for your baby and makes them doze off right at naptime. Among our collections of lullaby songs, we have melodies, jingles, rhymes, etc., that are perfect for a little nap.

Relax to a sleepy state
Little kids often cry at night, as the noise disturbs them from getting good sleep. Put a stop to this with our lullabies app. Let the relaxing lullaby music and sweet voice in the stories help your kids drift off to sleep at their bedtime. Sleeping at the right time improves your health and breathing as mediation does. The songs in English are peaceful to hear and are available offline. Soothing lyrics and music make a perfect blend to help your baby sleep well through the night without even a single cry.

Tracker for bedtime sleep
Keep track of how long your children are relaxing at bedtime with our tracker feature. Distract them from any noise disturbances or rain sounds with a deep lullaby to make them feel sleepy. The lullabies and their lyrics are of high quality, sung by a trained voice and filled with a power to evoke true mindfulness. These lullaby songs and music shall help your baby fall asleep in a deep state, despite any background noise or rain.

Make your children feel sleepy with relaxing lullaby music and bedtime songs with our lullabies for kids app.

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