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#2 Product of the day on Product Hunt -- Wouldn't it be nice if all the things you need to deal with were neatly organized? That's what Zones is here for - a brand new to do app where you organize the important things in your life in whatever way works best for you.

# Natural language processing
Being able to create tasks quickly plays an important role in your productivity, so Zones supports natural language input for dates.

# Save to dos, subtasks and ideas
Quickly add things you need to do or save ideas for later

# Focus timer
Focus on the important tasks with a timer that runs in the background even if you stop the app

# Widgets
Stay on top of things with customisable widgets

# Sync across all your devices
Zones is available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS and will sync your data via iCloud Sync

# Scorecard
Keep track of how you're doing, your stats, how many tasks you completed, what level you reached and more

# Highly customizable
Aside from options to customize the app so it works best for you, you can also set any colour for each zone. You can also opt to display your tasks on a timeline or all together.

# Dark mode
Zones has full dark mode support

# Unlimited attachments
For as long as you have space in your personal iCloud, you can attach as many files as you want to your tasks.

We're open to your feedback and would love it if you tried Zones for yourself.
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