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Solar System Widget

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Solar System Widget

Customise your astronomy widget!

Quick glance of the positions of the comet, galaxy, sun, moon and planets at your current location. It also has a atlas of the sky at the current time. It comes with useful widgets for planet position, horizon view and star map. The latest update has comet position in the horizon, map widgets.

Swipe up to increase the date by hour. Swipe right to increase the date by month. Double tap to goto today.

Horizon widget displays the stars and planets at the North, East, South and west horizon. It gives you a quick idea what constallation is visible in a direction.

Map widget gives you an atlas of the stars as if you are lying on the ground looking at the night sky. The Map view in the app provides users to change the date.

Enjoy these simple widget. And feedback to me at [email protected]
yong chong loh