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US Civics Exam

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US Civics Exam

- Learn the answers to the USCIS Civics Test questions.
- Remember the dictionary of the test.
- Memorize USA presidents.
- Study all states' capitals, motos, and nicknames.

US Civics Exam app powered by StudyCards. Its user interface mimics paper cards and sticky notes. The App also can convert text to a natural sounding voice using Apple's embedded text-to-speech engine.

The US Civics Exam app uses multiple senses to improve the memorizing process by combining visual and auditory info in 'Talking Card'. So, you can read the info on the card and listen to the synthesized voice.

Moreover, US Civics Exam is the only App that lets you upload the deck of cards to the watch, so you can listen and memorize the test info even when you are running, biking, or hiking without a phone!

The App is also designed to help people with low vision, ADHD, dyslexia, and other reading disorders.

You can study by swiping the cards one by one.
Or, you can LISTEN on repeat!

No Account or registration is needed!
Sergey Nes