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Sleepground provides smart alarms that are responsible for sleep tracking and analysis, and refreshing weather, starting with ASMR that induces deep sleep for modern people.

What is something that cannot be left out in a repetitive daily life 365 days a year? Sleep! Are you sleeping well? Along with exercise, health, well-being, and diet, move on to a healthier life while managing sleep, which is indispensable for health care.


[Sleepground 's sleeping service]

√ ASMR that has been proven effective.
It induces fast sleep with self-produced ASMR with proven sleep-inducing sounds at Yonsei University's Institute of Applied Brain Cognitive Science. On a sleepless evening, have a good night's sleep through Sleepground 's patented sleep-inducing monaural beats and ASMR made by a sound designer. It helps you sleep naturally in a comfortable state.

√ Sleep tracking and analysis.
While you are sleeping, Sleepground is tracking and analyzing your sleep. We collect your health data from Apple HealthKit API. We are analyzing your sleep patterns while monitoring your sleep from REM sleep to deep sleep from right after you fall asleep to before you wake up.

√ Smart alarm.
Self-made smart alarms help you start your day with a refreshing weather and a lively morning. Greet Miracle Morning with a smart alarm that wakes me up from the shallowest sleep so that I can wake up the freshest.

√ Sleeping solution.
Based on sleep tracking and analysis, Sleepground provides a sleep solution for me. Get customized sleep care services for me, from sleep reports that tell you how good you slept to solutions that tell you what problems to improve.


[How to use it]

Get premium sleep care for free now!

√ For accurate analysis, enter how tired I am, smoking or non-smoking, and interests first.

√ Record what you did today, how you felt, whether you drank or not to check your daily condition.

√ Set the time you have to wake up tomorrow morning. It helps you to wake up the most refreshing smart alarm.

√ Listen to Sleepground's ASMR that helps you sleep well. From various sounds of nature to white noise of the city, there are various sounds that will suit your taste.

√ All preparations for the measurement are now complete. Put your cell phone on the mattress where you sleep. The closer it is to the pillow, the more precise monitoring is possible.

√ Apple Watch allows more accurate measurements. If you're using a smartwatch, try sleeping care together tonight.

√ A soft morning welcomes you. Take a look at your sleep measured by Sleepground's AI during the night and see how my sleep was last night before work or school. Tonight, you can try to sleep deeper and more comfortably by referring to the solution.


[I recommend it to these people!]

√ For those who want to sleep fast and deep!

√ ASMR nomads who wander around YouTube every day to find ASMR that suits you!

√ Office workers and students who are tired of going to work and school every morning!

√ If you're curious about what kind of sleep I'm sleeping,

√ For those who want to change their daily lives through Miracle Morning!

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