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Motivational Land

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Motivational Land

"A quote contains in itself years or even a life of experiences. Don't read and skim it, absorb it -- Motivational Land"

We curated and carefully selected quotes, affirmation audios, and exclusively motivational videos.

Our backed-by-science app helps you keep, nurture, and maintain your real inner motivation.

How to get the most of the app?
- Listen to affirmation audio and watch motivational videos for at least 21 days. The best time is right before sleep and after a wake-up
- Pick your favorite topics
- If you like a quote or a video, add them to your favorite collection
- Don't just binge-watch videos or scroll through your home feed. Pause a moment to think about a quote or video.
- Set your daily reminder for quotes
- Re-visit your favorite quotes and videos when you start your day and before going to bed
- If possible, share and discuss your favorite quotes and videos with friends or family members. You might be surprised at how they see a different aspect of the same quote.

The app supports thousands of quotes on many topics, affirmation audios, and hundreds of motivational videos.
- Listen to curated affirmation audios
- View quotes and videos on one home screen with weekly content updated
- View quotes on a dedicated screen for avoiding distraction.
- Customize theme for quote screen: change font family, font size, background image
- Auto-play motivational videos in a favorite playlist
- Set daily quote reminder
- Customize home widget for viewing quotes
- Add quotes and videos in favorite categories
- If you own an Apple Watch, you can view your quotes right on your watch without opening the app

*Note: Your iPhone must support iOS 12+, and your Apple Watch must support WatchOS 7.1+ for the app to fully function. If your iPhone and Watch don't support those OS versions, just upgrade them right in your devices, no need to buy a new one.

Please read our terms of use before using the app:
Hung Nguyen