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Parmisak PFM

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Parmisak PFM

Become the personal accountant of yourself and your family. It’s not difficult to manage your financial issues such as incomes, expenses, bank’s transactions by using Parmisak Personal Accounting.

Base definitions:
- Define accounts in three levels
- Define counterparties and relate them to your Phonebook
- Income and expenses
- Debtors and creditors
- Banks and bank accounts
- Funds and wallets
- Loans, debts and assets
- Manage incomes and expenses of family members
- Manage payable and receivable checks and notes
- Budgeting incomes and expenses

- Take record of all incomes and expenses
- Take record of all receivable cash and checks (cash and bank, debts and settlement, etc.)
- Take record of all payable cash and checks (costs, debt, etc.)
- Full management of checks (payables and receivables)
- Manage information of payable checks with due
- Cash or bounce checks and the ability to update bank accounts
- Management of banks and funds
- Assign each receipt and payment to a family member
- Record payable and received loans and installments with the ability to determine the type of installment fees in both simple and advanced mode
- Ability to record all of the installments with the first installment date and the number of installments
- Ability of receipt with the ability to deduct payments from a certain account

- Trial balance report
- Invoice reports and turnover report of each of the accounts with the ability of export to Excel
- Presentation of income and expense account balances with charts
- Daily report of total costs and expenses
- Total report of expenses by each expense record
- Total report of incomes by each income record
- Report account balance with the ability to display and review any account balance headlines with all details
- Report status and turnover of each family member 
- Report manual installment of received or payables loans
- Ability to manage and send Excel files (Bluetooth, Email, Dropbox, etc.)

- Get quick support via ticketing system
- Continuous updates and new features
- Automatic backups
- Manage backup files and sharing them via Bluetooth, Drop box, email and etc.
- Ability to restore backups

- Pin-based and biometric login to protect your data
- Ability to change font and font size
- And many other useful features...

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