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Volo is a kitesurfing app for watchOS and iOS which helps kitesurfers get better insights into their sessions. Volo shows you how high and many times you have jumped and how fast you went. These metrics are collected by using both the accelerometer and the GPS of the Apple Watch. The iOS companion app will provide an excellent overview of statistics, while the watchOS app is the core product to collect data.

■ Kitesurfing & Wingsurfing
No matter if you're a fanatic kite- or wingsurfer, maybe even a bit of both? Volo got you covered, just set up the workout type in the app and go for it!

■ All the right Metrics
Volo shows all the metrics you care about during your sessions. Things like the height of your jumps, how many jumps, average speed, top speed, distance, time and more.

■ Customisable Interface
You're in control of what metric gets which spot. Some of you are speed freaks and only care about their speed metrics, while others are frequent flyers and want to go as high as possible. Volo adapts for both use cases by letting you select which metric goes where on the screen. This can be done with ease from the phone or by tapping on a metric on the watch.

■ Health & Fitness integration
After each session, you will be happy to find that Volo saves every session in Apple’s Fitness app as a Kitesurfing or Wingsurf session, including all metrics available like the Route, Total Elevation, Hear rate, Active kCal + more. This is all made possible by using HealthKit.

■ Widgets and complications
For quick access to Volo or just showing your best statistics, you can add a beautiful widget on your home screen or set a complication on your Apple Watch.
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