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SpiroASTHMA integrates with Apple's Health app to provide vital sign data from Apple Watch. These data can help recognize when you might be having an asthma exacerbation, and remind you to fill out our quick questionnaire about your symptoms and surroundings.

Don't have an Apple Watch? You can still use SpiroASTHMA! Just tap 'Log an Attack' on the home screen to access the same questionnaire. You can log both past attacks and current attacks, and SpiroASTHMA will add in details about surrounding weather/pollution conditions to add to your log.

SpiroASTHMA will also give you daily reminders to add 'Well Logs.' By putting together information about what is going on around you when your asthma flares, as well as what is going on around you when you aren't having symptoms, SpiroASTHMA can make a summary report of the factors that were most related to your attacks. From there, you can share the report with your healthcare provider and make a plan about how to best improve your symptoms.

SpiroASTHMA is in an early testing phase, and we are working on our algorithms to provide the most accurate reports to you. Keep your app up to date so that you can benefit as we improve!