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Ever wondered of a News application that delivers you trends and updates according to your preferences? Hands Down, we have the best light-weight news app in the market. News Pen is a news application that curates the latest and trending news for a customized reading experience. News Pen is the top-notch choice to delve into the trending news happening around the World.
News Pen curates trending news from credible Regional newspapers and showcases them as personalised shorts. Pick your interest from a broad range of trends starting from Technology, Education, Business, Lifestyle, Politics and more. With globalization and Industrial revolution taking a forefront, being updated is paramount.This application takes you closer to the fair truth via an in-depth analysis while giving paramount importance for your convenience.
Stories around the world from a single source have never been better. Download News Pen and start reading trends at your fingertips
With News Pen you can
1. Read fascinating news shorts and trend updates from the world of Technology, Education, Business, Lifestyle, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Health and General news.
2. Read and share news shorts among your peers.
3. Scroll through the latest business news and lifestyle trends without compromising your
4. Enjoy customized news shorts in multiple languages.
5. Receive credible Global headlines, breaking news and real-time market trends from your
regional news papers curated for a remarkable reading experience.
6. Filter the news shorts favoured for your preferences with a single tap.
7. Enjoy the Reading Experience of your favourite regional newspapers.
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