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Sneaker Tracker

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Sneaker Tracker

Sneaker Tracker is built to help you track the mileage of your sneakers!

In case you didn’t know, I sure didn’t not too long ago, you should replace your running shoes between 300 and 500 miles of use. Your shoes cushion your body from the impact of running, but eventually this cushion wears out and your body will bear the full impact of each run.

This app exists because I didn’t feel like handwriting every single workout I did and how many miles I ran. Instead, I wanted my Apple Watch and iPhone to help me out. And so here it is, Sneaker Tracker!

By default, this app will allow you to manually log workouts. And if you give it permission, Sneaker Tracker will watch for new workouts you log into the Health app. Whenever you log a workout, you should assign it to the shoe you used. From there the app will keep record of your milage and send you notifications when you reach your replacement range.

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Brett Koster