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Heart Zones Workout

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Heart Zones Workout

Workout app designed for runners that want to track their heart zones during their trainings. It has optional smart alerts when passing zone or when you leave your target zone.

It is suitable for night runners, that wants to know how much time is left until sunset just at glance at your watch. 

App is designed to be fully operable on watchOS as it is standalone watchOS app.

- Workout tracking using HealthKit
- Heart zones tracking
- Alerts when passing zones (optional)
- Tracking target zone with alerts (optional)
-- Raise your wrist or tap display to stop target zone alert
- Customisable heart zone settings
- Sunset indicator (counting from 45 to 0 mins before sunset)
- Customisable metrics (km/mi, kj/kcal)
- BPM, distance, active energy, elevation, current/average pace/speed tracking
Michal Manak