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Pet For Watch

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Pet For Watch

How to play:
* Tips: Turn the watch crown to select a menu, and then click middle of the screen to access the menu

* Change pet name: Click the pet name in the “Pet Status” to invoke the menu renaming

* Support a variety of watch dial components for applewatch, displaying the status of pet in real time, such as graphic module

I. Pet care:

Growing: Egg -> Infant -> Child -> Adult

Feeding: You may buy food to feed your pet. There are all kinds of food in convenience stores.

Toileting: There are two ways to clean your pet, i.e. cleaning the living room and going to the toilet. A clean and lovely pet can be raised only by toileting in time.

Bathing: Bathing a dirty pet can increase the mood value.

Sleeping: Your pet will go to bed at p.m. 0.00 and wake up at a.m. 8:00 with no interruption.

Sick: If your pet goes hungry for a long time, the pet will get sick or become seriously ill and fall in a faint. If your pet is taken ill, select “Injection” or “First Aid” for treatment.

Joy: Increase joy value by taking bath, going to park, going to amusement park, and traveling.

II. Going-out:

Gold coins: The gold coins are used for consumptions in the game, such as purchase of foods, seeds, and cars, and decoration of housing. You may earn gold coins by working, traveling, sell crops, and playing games.

Backpack: In the backpack, there are fertilizer, water bottle, plant seeds, and crops sellable.

Schooling: Obtain educational degree at different levels according to the subjects of study.

Education: Kindergarten / Junior Grade / Intermediate Grade / Scholar

Visit: With online interactive visit and communication

Work: Your pet is not allowed to work before growing up. The types of work: Waiter / Courier / Office / Scientist; the work suitable depends on your pet’s education. The work will take certain mood value.
Waiter: Western restaurant waiters, 50 coin each time
Courier: Courier in the town, 50 coin each time
Office: Do work in office, 150 coin each time
Scientist: Work at laboratory, 300 coin each time

Garden: You can plant crops in the garden with seeds in your backpack. Be sure to water your crops after planting. Fertilizer will help the plants ripen earlier.

School: You can take various courses at school

House: Beside the house, there is a garage where you may change your car after buying or store the old furniture.

Clothing store: There are all kinds of costumes in the clothing store, which may be bought with Wool + Gold Coins, some of which shall be bought with costume coupons.

Convenience store: Buy all kinds of pet’s favorable food with gold coins.

Gardening store: Buy all kinds of plant seeds and fertilizer at the gardening store.

Market: Sell the self-produced crops in the market.

Car store: There are 3 models available for sale at present. The travel time will be shortened greatly if a car is bought.

Furniture store: Buy new furniture here to decorate the lobby, or buy a TV for your pet to watch

Pet store: In the soft opening, where the lambs, chickens, and piglets are available.
Lamb: Before the lamb grows up, feed the lamb every day to improve its mood. It takes 5 hearts to shear the sheep.
Chicken: When growing up, the chicken will lay an egg every day. As a condition, it takes also 5 hearts ~
Piglet: After the growth period of 7 days, the piglet may be sold in the market.

Park: Increase the mood value by playing in the park

Amusement park: Replenish the mood value fully by playing in the amusement park.

Hot spring: Replenish health and cleanliness by taking a bath in the hot spring.

Arcade: You can earn gold coins by playing games. At present, there are 5 games available.
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