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Bloom Watch

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Bloom Watch

Welcome to the Bloom Watch App, a versatile watch companion to help you meditate, relax and Bloom into a better version of yourself - All on the go!

Get ready to experience deeper sleep, reduced stress levels and a more relaxed lifestyle with Bloom.

There are many different ways you can meditate and be mindful, Bloom will help you to discover what works best for you.

Dedicated use of Bloom will encourage your thoughts and feelings to move in particular patterns.

Over time you will become aware of your thoughts and learn how to catch the negative ones and reframe them to be positive and uplifting. This will create a sense of calm which could lead to lowering blood pressure, lowering blood cortisol levels, lowering heart rate, reducing stress, reducing anxiety, reducing perspiration, improving blood circulation, improving well-being and gain a deeper relaxation are just some of the many benefits Bloom will be able to provide.

Bloom provides many proven strategies for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and anger. You will learn how to settle an overwhelmed and overactive mind and find inner peace at any time.

- Track your Lotus progression.
- Specific breathwork activities.
- Relaxing physics-based flower game.

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