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No one deserves to live with PTSD, depression or an anxiety disorder. EMDR is an exceptionally effective treatment for these conditions. This app contains everything needed in EMDR therapy, and more, to use whenever and wherever you need it.

Configure the app to your liking! All features follow the scientific literature on EMDR.
• 3 configurable speed settings
• 3 types of stereo sounds
• 2 kinds of visuals (moving circle, flashes)
• Auto-stop after a standard ‘dose’

This app is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and supports Apple Watch and game controllers. Combine multiple devices for additional options:
• Alternate screen flashes between devices
• Alternate vibrations between devices

Enable the "local control" feature to control the app on a nearby device:
• Remote control the start/stop of a session.
• Change settings remotely.
• Control multiple devices simultaneously
• Control devices even outside the trial period.

Check the app’s Tips section to find the right settings for you.

A one-time payment allows you to keep using the app after the 24 hour trial period. This one-time payment unlocks the app on every other available platform as well. With your purchase you are investing in yourself, and in the continued development of this app.

Please note that this app is meant for professional EMDR therapists. This app is NOT a substitute for a therapist! If you're not a therapist and you want to use the app for yourself, for example out of interest or because therapy is not available, inform yourself well on EMDR therapy and proceed with care:
• Get enough sleep, before and after.
• Create a safe and comfortable environment.
• Limit your use, especially in the first few days.
Bas Oppenheim