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PWS Connect station monitoring

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PWS Connect station monitoring

Intuitive and powerful, PWS Connect is the personal weather station app designed by weather aficionados for weather aficionados. It's the only PWS app that lets weather station owners automatically and continuously keep track of station conditions and get notified of changing conditions based on individual preferences.

PWS Connect displays weather station data for up to the past 7 days this is continuously updated in the background. No more having to open an app to see what's happening with your station! The app displays trends for barometric pressure, temperature, wind, and humidity with beautiful, informative, and fully interactive graphs on your iPhone and Apple Watch. PWS Connect provides notifications and alerts for conditions such as high and low temperatures, pressure changes, and precipitation. PWS Connect supports iPhone widgets and all Watch complication styles to keep you up to date on weather conditions at a glance, and currently supports Weather Underground, Davis WeatherLink, Ambient Weather, and Aeris Weather/PWS Weather networks.

PWS Connect also has a powerful history features that takes daily snapshots of your PWS data which it stores securely in iCloud. In the History screen, you can swipe left and right to go backwards and forwards through time through a continuous graph of previously saved weather snapshots stretching back weeks, months, and years, and you can explore any day in detail. In short, you can make your past PWS data come alive!

The app's optional Premium Features subscription option also gives you full access to the app’s Watch functionality, widget, and notification features.

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