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CryptoPlex is the best way to store data about your crypto purchases. 
Various charts show informations about your purchases, such as profit/loss, distribution & current value of your investments or purchase price history.
You can also store data about your NFT purchases.

Receive the latest news from the crypto world and view the current prices of the top 100 coins.
Learn everything about Bitcoin and how it works in the Explained section, as well as basic crypto topics.

Discover the whole Bitcoin blockchain with the Block Explorer.
You can search for Bitcoin blocks & transactions, get informations about transaction fees, hashrate and mined coins.

Your CryptoPlex data is encrypted stored on your device and the app is protected by FaceID or TouchID.

No financial or investment advice for any cryptocurrency or token mentioned in this app.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, please send an email to:
- Mail: [email protected]

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