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Rumble Boxing 

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Rumble Boxing 

Rumble is full-body group fitness for all levels that delivers serious results. You'll walk into a fun, high-energy class setting and you'll walk out sweat-drenched and maxed-out with an endorphin high like none other.


Personalized Home Screen
- Your home screen highlights the information most important to you
- View upcoming classes
- Set weekly goals and monitor your class data

Book Classes
- Filter, favorite, and book the perfect class at your home studio
- View your upcoming classes in our in-app schedule and manage purchases
- Is your favorite trainer 100% booked? Join the waitlist and get notified if a spot becomes available
- Explore our interactive studio map to find your nearest Rumble studio

Workout Tracking
- Connect your Apple Health app so you can view all your progress in one convenient place
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