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If you regularly train with a treadmill, ergometer or rowing machine at home, this gets boring at some point because the training device only supports a certain number of different programs (intervals).

With this Apple Watch-only app, random workout programs can now be created.

One can configure the following settings (on the 2nd Apple Watch page):
- Training mode (treadmill, ergometer, rower).
- Total training time in minutes
- The minimum and maximum interval time in seconds
- The minimum and maximum training power for each training interval.
- The minimum and maximum power offset for each training interval

The unit of training power depends on the set training mode:
- Treadmill: kilometers per hour, smallest unit: 0.1 km/h
- Ergometer: Watt, smallest unit: 5 Watt
- rower: strokes per minute, smallest unit: 1 stroke per minute

The app now creates a random program of different intervals, each interval has a random run time in seconds and a random power. So many intervals are created until the set training time in minutes is reached.

The workout is started by the start button on the first Apple Watch page, it can also be paused.

During the training, the current remaining interval time in seconds and the current training power (km/h, watts, beats per minute) are displayed.

Each interval change and also as soon as the remaining interval time falls below 30 or 15 seconds, is announced by a voice output and a ringtone.

It is planned that this app will be expanded into a full workout app with access to the AppleWatch's HealthKit in a future version.

The functionality of this app is also available in an iPhone version (treadmill trainer) and an iPad version (treadmill trainer), here the calculated intervals are still displayed graphically and the music library can be integrated.
Michael Dieterle