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Grapefruit: Solo is the Watch App you were waiting for - solo for your pleasure, on your wrist!

Female sexuality has long been limited to reproduction, and feminine pleasure depicted as shameful. With media depictions still lacking, the variety of practices, anatomies, and experiences of women all across the world are still underrepresented, unexplored, and under researched. How to remedy?

In the goal towards female empowerment, Grapefruit: Solo comes as a guide to start the conversation. After research and conversation with women from multiple age groups and diverse backgrounds, we came up with six basic techniques that anyone can try out and enjoy: a great place to start your journey of self discovery. Grapefruit: Solo will accompany you in the exploration of your sexuality by walking you the techniques, providing an easy, accessible and informative tool to assist in your masturbation practices.

Explore the different techniques: with each, you’ll have a brief description, as well as visual representations that will guide you through the movements. Find your favourite: you can exit any time you want, and come back later for more!
Rediscover yourself, break the silence. With Grapefruit.
Ioanna Stylianou