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ReFlexFX is an incredibly useful and expressive tool for musicians, allowing real-time control of MIDI parameters using touch, tilt, and acceleration.
It can also be used on stage between songs to remotely set synths or FX units to the correct settings for the next song. No more having to remember patch and program numbers, just tap on the song’s name on your iPhone or Apple Watch and you can be ready to rock in no time.


- 32 user patches with each one offering:

* Choose any or all axes of tilt, touch, and acceleration to control any MIDI parameters… it’s like having 8 expression pedals at once… and 8 feet to use them too!

* Customisable background image for each patch - lyrics, chord cheat sheets, or just a cool picture. If it’s a picture in your camera roll, you can set it as the background.

* When the patch is loaded, you can set up to 5 external MIDI devices to the correct settings… perfect for multiple keyboards, FX etc.

* Deeply tweakable settings for each axis of control

- Connect wirelessly (WiFi or Bluetooth MIDI) or wired

- User patches can be imported/exported simply by copying and pasting text… share your setups easily by mail, messages, social media etc

- MIDI input allowing remote control of ReFlexFX app patch switching

- Apple Watch app:

* 9 Customisable buttons to send unique MIDI messages regardless of the iPhone app patch… great for DAW transport controls for example

* Select user patch from a list or simple up/down buttons

* Mini XY pad which mirrors the iPhone app’s XY pad

There are so many customisations and setup possibilities that I’d really recommend downloading the user guide from our website.

Please note: The app itself produces no sound, it only controls other MIDI devices… synths, guitar effects, DAW plugins etc

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