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Muze Better Workout Music

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Muze Better Workout Music

Go 20% harder.

Listening to the right song at the right moment has been proven to fight fatigue and uncover inner strength. Muze is a free iPhone app designed to make any workout more enjoyable and effective.

Controlled by your movement.

Sync Muze to your running pace or steps per minute to create unique soundtracks that evolve in real time with your intensity level, finding the songs that motivate you whether you’re stretching or sprinting. Muze integrates with HealthKit to monitor your steps per minute and heart rate and learn more about your health background.

It’s very personal.

Teach Muze what you like by connecting it to your Spotify account. Our patent-pending algorithm analyzes the lyrics and music of 70 million songs to identify the anthems that will move you from any genre. As you use it, machine learning ensures each new soundtrack is better than the last.
Switchfly AI, LLC