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The best speed camera detector and traffic information. Get real time alerts based on your GPS position and heading. Use the traffic information to decide what’s the best course for you.

· Warnings only in the direction you are moving
· Mean speed in section speed cameras
· Options to silence the warnings if your speed is under the speed limit
· Manual or automatic warning distance depending on your speed
· Automatic speed camera updates
· Voice, sound and vibration warnings
· With speedometer or map with real time traffic information
· Sound mixed with what you are listening to in your iPhone, trough your hands free device of your car or through the speakers of your iPhone
· Works in foreground or background (use it at the same time as your navigator)
· Warnings with notifications, you can use it with the screen turned off
· Fully configurable
· Portrait and landscape modes
· Night mode
· Most countries covered, download the app and check coverage in your area in the map
· No user account or register needed, just open the app and you are ready to go

· Map with Google traffic information
· As soon as you open the app, the map is centred in your location and traffic information is shown
· You can keep the map centred in a different location from your current one to watch the traffic in a specific area

· If you open the app in your watch, it will vibrate with every warning
· Save battery in your iPhone by turning off the screen, or use it together with your navigator by getting warnings on the Watch
· Start the speed camera detector from your watch while your iPhone is in your pocket
· It works in foreground and background

- The paid version (“pro”) does not have ads, updates speed cameras automatically, allows to chose dark / light mode independently of the iPhone settings and shows the speed of the warnings in the Apple Watch.

- To use the detector you need your device to have GPS: all iPhones have it, iPod and iPad WiFi do not have it (iPad 3G has it).

- Attention! The speed camera detector uses your GPS. Continuos use of the warner in fore or background can drain your battery quickly.

- SCDB provides the speed camera data base.

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