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Activity Complications

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Activity Complications

Activity Complications is a standalone Apple Watch Application.

Allows to track activities such as burned calories-active energy, exercise, steps, sleep and water from Health app through Integration. Optionally tracking limits could be integrated to Nutrition+ apps via user's account, thus adding an extra colour-coded complication to track an additional activity level.

Allows to add water readings quickly to Health app and to Nutrition+ app.

Allows to customize activities tracking limits for both apps used by the complication and rings. The complication could display any current activity as per user's convenience, the app automatically syncs the latest activity level keeping the complication updated both the text and the main colourful graphic Corner or graphic Circle complications among others.

Apple Watch notifies accordingly to low levels of the current activity or water being tracked, also allows to change the time period to refresh the app data, also advises by voice when app is active.

Finally it displays Apple activity rings and steps, sleep and water current activity level with individual colour-coded rings displaying its reached percentage.
Edison Cuenca