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Don't Waste It

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Don't Waste It

This minimalistic application brings you a unique value - an ability to see the time you have and how fast it goes.

You will realize that you can't reclaim the time you waste and that it is not an endless thing. Understanding it together with a simple visualization will give you a spark to spend your time on something you love, need, and care about.

Time is the most valuable thing you have - Don't Waste It.

+ Multiple application modes: Birthday (count up) and Deadline (count down)
+ Selection autosave per application mode
+ Different color themes are selected based on your system preferences
+ Multisize widgets for easier access and reminders
+ Gesture protection from unexpected screen touch and interruptions
+ Support of different screen orientations: portrait and landscape
+ Multiple devices support: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
+ Usage independence with different modes
+ Simple and minimalistic design
Max Ivashchenko