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Dancing Class

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Dancing Class

Do you start dancing when a song is played? Is dance your passion?

Anybody can learn to dance. Learn Dance app helps all dance lovers to learn dance at their comfort place. You can dance in groups or all alone anywhere at any time of the day.

Simple video tutorials help the users to learn dance very easily. You can choose to learn any dance form around the world. Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop, contemporary, ballroom, flamenco, Latin, African, Bollywood, and the list goes on. There are hundreds of different dance styles out there. Pick your favorite and start to learn!

Learn Dance app has dance tutorials from the world's best instructors. Learn dance app has several user-friendly features. You can customize features to learn better. You can control the speed of the video tutorial, view classes in sections, and put the tutorial in the loop.

Dance tutorials are available for all age categories. Do you think that it is too late to start learning? It is never too late for the dance. There are separate tutorials available for beginners, intermediate, and experts respectively. Select your program and track your progress. Doing what you love keeps your mind and body healthy. Call your friends, start dance sessions from today. Make your evenings more joyful!

How to learn to dance at home?

1) Select your favorite dance style
2) Decide on routine or technique- beginner, intermediate, or expert
3) Just dance!
4) Practice- the more you do it, the more you master it.

Dance is fun. Learning to dance is more fun. Download Learn dance app now!

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