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Vive Live

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Vive Live

The Vive Liveplatform connects you to a global network of fitness professionals who will provide a wide array of classes, online and live. Get that live workout experience from the comfort of your own home. Choosing the best coaches, trainers or teachers from any part of the globe has never been easier.

The Vive Live platform offers live coaching with your favourite trainer and you can invite friends and family to join the fun!

Vive Live offers live classes with music integration and a support team that can assess your health and wellness goals and help you to achieve them. Soon Vive Live will integrate with your wearable technology to pull heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, nutrition, respiratory rate, and blood glucose in from HealthKit. This data will feed into our system and result in a tailor made health and wellness aiming to bring you to your optimum state.

Be inspired and do it live with Vive!

Train live anytime, anywhere. We have access to thousands of trainers worldwide. You can learn a new skill, train the way you want and get healthy in a way perfectly suited to you.

Vive tracks 6 elements of user data: Email Address, Phone Number, Coarse Location, User ID, Purchase History, Crash Data. Contact information such as your email, phone number or User ID will be used to personalize the app. Location, purchase history and crash data will be tracked but anonymously so that we can improve the app performance and understand our products better.

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