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Tiny Timer for Your Watch

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Tiny Timer for Your Watch

Tiny Timer is an elegant, customizable, and flexible timer app on your Apple Watch. In comparison to the pre-installed timer app, Tiny Timer offers you the following advantages:

- Save your timers as presets and customize them with a name, color, and icon for quick recognition.
- Tiny Timer visualizes the remaining duration of your timer with a colorful ring.
- Multiple timers can run at the same time.
- You can add every timer as a separate complication to your watch face and start them with one tap.
- Tiny Timer supports all complication types, and multiple timers can live on the same watch face.
- Timers are synchronized between multiple devices via iCloud.

Tiny Timer runs standalone on your watch and does not require a connection to the iPhone. The free version allows you to create two timers. You can remove this limitation with a one-time purchase directly on your watch.
Felix Lisczyk