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Avocado Kanban

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Avocado Kanban

Avocado Kanban: a complexity partitioning strategy
- Deal with 1 bit of complexity at a time

### Avocado is the clash of 2 cultures
- Japanese planning
- Mayan philosophy

### Avocado is actionable task management
It is not about knowing all the things you need to do; it is about splitting them to their most atomic element and then ordering them so that we can address 1 by 1.

### Creativity is yours, take it
Give a place to each one of your ideas.

### Get back control of your life
Have you recently felt that you lost control of your life?
Fear no more, you can get back control once more if you start organising it.

# Features
- A Kanban board for each of your projects
- Fully native and compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac
- iCloud: Synch your projects on all your devices
- Fully functional offline
- Privacy first, no one else but you can access your projects data, not even us
- Top security, everything is securely stored on Apple's iCloud servers following high end security standards.
- Overview of your activity across different projects
- Download and start using, no need to sign up or register

# Pricing
- No accounts
- No ads
- No subscriptions
- No tracking
- No data sharing with anyone
- No connecting to any server
- No remembering anything

# Privacy Policy
This app is not tracking you in anyway, nor sharing any information from you with no one.
Whatever you do with this app is up to you and we don't want to know about it.
Agustin Iturbide