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Full Swing

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Full Swing

Unlock your game with the Full Swing KIT launch monitor. Our user-friendly app has been designed for you to easily customize 16 points of data and high-resolution video to see your swing in perfect clarity.

Choose what data matters to you and select what metrics appear on your launch monitor’s display, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or even have your numbers spoken to you through Bluetooth headphones. With the Full Swing App, review, store and share your 1080p video of your swing with friends or your instructor to get the most out of your practice.

Create your cloud-based account, pair to your Full Swing KIT launch monitor and start improving your swing like the best in the game, using the most connected app in golf.

Key Features:
Video Replay: Review and share videos in 1080p.
Customizable Data Tiles: Sort, prioritize, or hide up to 16 data points in the app and on the KIT launch monitor.
Cloud-Based Profile: Access your data and stats from previous sessions, manage the clubs in your bag, and save your favorite videos.
Dispersion Charts & Averages: See where your game needs improvement and analyze trends happening in your practice session to get the most out of each swing.
Apple Watch: View shot data, change clubs, star and delete shots.
Audio: Customizable audio feedback.

Club & Ball Data Points Captured Every Swing:
Carry Distance, Total Distance, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Apex, Launch Angle, Attack Angle, Horizontal Angle, Club Path, Club Face, Face-to-Path, Side Carry, Side Total.

The Full Swing App requires a Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor.

iPhone® (10 and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
iPad® (7th generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
iPad® Air (3rd generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
iPad® Pro (all models), running iOS 14 and higher
Apple Watch® 3 or higher, running watchOS 7 or higher
Apple AirPods® or most any Bluetooth® headphones
Full Swing