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AmosCar for Tesla

by yuke wu
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AmosCar for Tesla

by yuke wu
It's an app that Tesla owners are able to manage and check the status of their vehicles.
With the increase of Tesla's vehicle sales, the function of the official application has always been very limited. Therefore, after research, we brought this app, support the entire Apple ecological platform, fully combined with the latest features of the first party, to make smart cars more intelligent.

Current problems
- The official application is too weak, cannot fully use Apple devices’ features.
- Hard to view all national super charge sites
- Hard to use Siri or Shortcut to control vehicle
- Smart vehicles and platforms should be combined to make the two work together

1. Check vehicle status on widgets and watch complications
2. All platform includes macOS, iOS, watchOS, HomePod
3. Independent watch app can view and control vehicle without iPhone
4. Display the charging progress in real time
5. Nearby&National charge sites all on same map
6. All platform Siri or Shortcut to control or check
7. The ad-free ultimate tool
8. It doesn't store or collect any user data
9. Save vehicle electric energy with smart wakeup strategy
10. Support multiple vehicles under same account

AmosTesla has done a lot to support for Shortcut commands, users can customize personal commands by needs.
For example, flashing lights and honking horns can be done at the same time when searching for a vehicle.

Data security
In order to protect users' privacy data, through repeated structural modification, AmosTesla can view latest state without saving or uploading any user data.

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