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It is relaxing to sit at home, but hours of binge watching gets boring, so how do you keep your mind and body healthy?

A rowing ergometer can help, especially if you have a well-balanced workout schedule. But we all know the problem: how do you know which interval you are at during a workout? How are you able to see at a glance the data per interval, such as time still to go, the pace at which to row and the target heart rate for that interval. Preferably on a large screen with large, clear letters and numbers.

Well, here is the solution: an App for your Apple computer, iPad or iPhone called “RowErgoMeterTimerPro”. And the best bit? It is free up and until 3 different workouts and completely ad-free!

Take advantage of the largest screen you have, preferable a Mac or a iPad, but a large iPhone will also do!

If you need more than 3 workouts, you can buy a subscription for a very reasonable price.

RowErgoMeterTimerPro on your iPhone integrates with Apple's Health App to use the following data.
1. The current heart rate during the workout.
2. The total workout time of the workout.
3. The total amount of energy used during the workout.
4. The average heart rate during the workout.

RowErgoMeterTimerPro integrates with Apple's Health App to record rowing workouts in Apple's Health data. RowErgoMeterTimerPro records workout data exclusively in the Apple Health data.

RowErgoMeterTimerPro asks for permission to use specific Apple's Health data when first launching the corresponding App on your Apple Watch.

Only available in English.

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Huib Cuperus